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Helpful Information!

Helpful Websites  

Dear Parents,                                                                                                          

Here are several websites that will reinforce the activities and skills that we are doing in the classroom. 

is the math book website and on this site I will assign the students extra practice assignments. They are not mandatory just for practice.

Login: First Name

Password: Last 5 digits of the student ID

Also is a website that I use in the classroom to review vocabulary, comprehension, and spelling words. It also has activities they can do for extra practice.

reviews all skills tested on FCAT. An Excellent Website that I recommend using if you have access to a computer. It is only for Reading, so make sure you click on 3rd Grade Galactic Library.

Login: First Name

Password: student10

I hope that this is very helpful for you and your child. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call me at 492-9820. Thanks for your support!


Miss Clark